Same Kind of Different as Me

I wanted to go to another clean Christian film, but sometimes anticipate the movie will be somewhat saccharine or unrealistically sweet. This is a reoccurring theme for me when trying to choose a good movie to watch.

Same kind of different is me was panned by Rotten Tomatoes by critics, but apparently 93% of movie-goers enjoyed it. I did want it to show an upscale black family helping a white person in need, but I suppose maybe that does not happen as often?

“‘Different‘” follows the true story of international art dealer, Ron Hall, his wife Deborah, and a homeless black man named Denver. Denver is first known to them by his nickname, “Suicide”, and he demonstrates perhaps suicidal tendencies in the anger he portrays towards the world.

Ron & Deborah’s marriage is on the rocks, but in a moment of crisis, Ron re-commits to Deborah, and she talks him into helping her at the shelter where she volunteers. Ron and Denver develop a friendship after Denver’s violence subsides, but Denver makes it clear he does not want Ron to toss away the friendship when it has served his “purpose”.

The movie has some tragedy to it, and I would not have liked the aftermath of that tragedy had it not been for the things that occurred after the movie ended, recounted by a title reel that ran side by side with clips of Ron & Denver’s continued friendship and ministry.

Some might call Same Kind of Different as Me a syrupy tearjerker, and that it may be, but it shows people of character developing weaker ones, and that is something I appreciated as I can use all the character development I can get.



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