Home Run

I recently viewed a DVD from the library, Home Run, on the advice of a friend. The movie was made in cooperation with, and with approval from, Celebrate Recovery, a Christian 12-Step recovery ministry.

At first the movie seemed to move a little awkwardly, as many lower-budget Christian films seem to do, but as the film’s story developed, it became clear that Home Run told an important story in a powerful and effective way.

Sometimes I think we are so jaded by modern media that when we see a wholesome story it seems cheesy, but the story is what is key for me. In the end, Home Run succeeded for me on all levels.

In short, Home Run tells the story of an alcoholic baseball player who tries unsuccessfully to overcome generational anger and addiction issues until he finally surrenders to God. Then his life is transformed. While he may still be a work in progress, his ship’s rudder is righted, and he is sailing in the right direction.





  1. Thanks for sharing this recommended movie! Having myself completed the Celebrate Recovery program I am learning to speak up and speak out. To be an advocate for others! I blog about my recovery daily. Would you humbly consider following me to help spread the news about Celebrate Recovery to so many who need it? Thanks in advance!

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