Steve McQueen: American Icon

Last night, I got to enjoy one of the very best films I have ever seen, Steve McQueen: American Icon. The movie is a biopic by Calvary Chapel Pastor Greg Laurie that soars and succeeds, partly because it is a great story, and partly because Laurie lets the movie follow the story, not dictate the story.

Christian films sometimes lack production values equal to Hollywood movies, but I’ll take a good Christian film any day, or a good wholesome story in general, over a glitzy CGI-laden movie, with sex and violence or bad values.

The Steve McQueen movie tells how the actor grew up with tremendous hardship, failed in the theater world, became an actor, loved motor sports, and struggled personally. The film hits its high point when the actor finds his faith and peace in Christ.

I hope you’ll see this film, but it only played for one night, one showing, across the country. If it becomes available on DVD, I would like to have it in my small collection. There are a lot of good secular and Christian movies, but Steve McQueen: American Icon ranks very high up on my list.

Update: I’ve just learned there are encore theater showings; click here for information.

Here is a preview of the film.



  1. Thanks for the link to the trailer. I had only heard the commercial for it on the radio. I’m so bummed I can’t make any of the show dates. I’ll have to wait until the DVD comes.

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