When Leaving a Job

I have held many jobs in my lifetime, and while this may seem obvious, here are some very basic rules on how you should and should not leave a job:


  • Do not leave a job without having another job.  You don’t want to leave a job you can’t stand or feel is not the best, and then have no source of income for weeks or months as you search desperately for a new role.


  • Make sure you are leaving for a better opportunity.  If you make a lateral move, you are risking a lot on a job that could be inferior to the one you are in, or one that is comparable, and not a step up as you had intended.


  • Be sure to give your employer at least two weeks notice; more if you can, so they can find a suitable replacement, or at least be somewhat prepared. This will help them, and who knows that you will not one day want to come back, or need a good reference from them.  It’s also just the right thing to do.


These three simple rules will help ensure your career is a more successful one, and that your reputation and income are secure.


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