What A Blessing They Are

Did you notice how God sends rain on your fields in the form of people who give refreshment to you in the form of encouraging words, support, and other gifts?

I have noticed this coming from believers and non-believers.  I think God uses others to refresh us.  Perhaps the non-believers have the circumcision of the heart and do by nature what we who know Christ do or ought to be doing.

And as Charles Spurgeon wrote of, others bless us also by the “wells they have dug”. Let us “dig wells” of blessing by our work, our demeanor, our countenance, our comments. Let us not drag others down with discouragement or judgement.

There is a place for discernment, and we need to tell the truth. My prayer is that God will show me how to be a blessing to non-believers without the negativity of a judgmental  comment or attitude.

After all, judgment is the Lord’s, and we are just flawed sojourners on this earth, waiting for our heavenly home as we walk the difficult road to sanctification.


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