The Case for Christ

Hi readers,

I watched The Case for Christ movie with some friends recently, and it truly drew me in. Having just completed a multi-week study on the book, I was familiar with the frame of the true story:

A man’s wife becomes a Christian, and as he is flustered over this, he uses his legal journalistic skills to try and debunk Christianity. As his wife becomes closer to God and prays fervently for him to come to the truth, he interviews experts, attempting to prove Christianity false.

Lee Strobel, a former investigative journalist, current author and pastor, wrote The Case for Christ, after all the evidence he gathered led him to the irrefutable conclusion that the Bible is true, that God is real, and that Christ did indeed rise from the dead.

The Case for Christ movie is well made.  For me, it took a while to pick up steam, but definitely hit the mark both cinematically, as well as in its narrative.  We see Strobel’s heart-wrenching conflicts with his wife Leslie, his wounded relationship with his father, and his frustration trying to square his atheistic background with the truths that ultimately transform him into a believer.

With Mike Vogel (TV’s Under the Dome) as Strobel and Erika Christensen (TV’s Parenthood) as his wife Leslie.




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