All Saints

Hi there readers, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog other than about the books I’ve been writing. I saw a movie today called All Saints…it was very good.

John Corbett (Northern Exposure, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) plays real-life reverend Michael Spurlock, a paper salesman who is drafted into the ministry to help a church transition to its’ end; perhaps finding new places for the current tiny congregants, and selling off the assets.

Spurlock from the get-go seems troubled at the prospect of cashing in on the church to the detriment of the people.  Enter the Karen people, or some of them, refugees from a Burmese conflict, just looking for a place to worship and live.

The Karen give Spurlock the impetus to try and maintain the church by using them to farm its land. The idea being that the church could sustain itself with the monies from the crop left over after feeding the Karen.

All Saints is a good story, one that shows all things working out for the good.  All the hopes are not met in the ways one might think, and the solutions are not easy, but the final outcome is fruitful for all involved.

I would recommend this film to anyone. It is well made, tells a good, uplifting story; and is realistic.

Thanks for reading.



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