My New Book: Stone Soup Sales

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My new book is in the top 19% of all books in:
… > Marketing & Sales > Marketing > Telemarketing, on Amazon!

PLEASE NOTE: My publisher, Pronoun, was purchased by Macmillan last year; after several months, Macmillan was not able to make Pronoun profitable and closed its doors. I plan to re-release Stone Soup Sales via Amazon Kindle Direct in the near future…stay tuned!

Thank you, FitzGerald Press


From the Introduction:

When my life in the theater came to an end some years ago, I noticed an advertisement for a call center representative:  No experience necessary, and right in the neighborhood.  I thought that with my background in theater, I could memorize a script and talk on the phone.  I also figured I could learn to perform basic computer tasks.  

I got the job, and worked there for some time, getting familiar with the routine, learning how to build rapport with customers, how to be courteous at all times, and selling the product.  At the end of that time, I got an offer from another call center with more opportunity and took another chance…


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