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Tell Me What You Want…Really Want

The Spice Girls knew that the guys wanted them, and the Spice Girls rightly wanted the guys to like them for who they were, and to like their friends as well; but all kidding aside, us guys, and all people, want to fill the hole in their hearts. A hole that can only be filled by God.

That said, what do we really want in our day to day lives? Do we derive pleasure from helping people? Or is it more from solitude or from silent prayers? Some people like to create things, while some feed on interaction with others.

Sometimes we are at a point in our lives where we simply want to care for our health. I am older, in my late 40’s, and I struggle to find motivation to exercise, or even care for my basic needs. I think it is times like these that knowing what one wants is key.

For example, I could be nearing a mealtime and if God blesses me with the ability to reflect, I may realize that I am not yet hungry, but maybe cold, needing a beverage, to take a restroom break, go for a walk, or to just lean back and relax.

My addictive and compulsive habits are only broken when The Lord slows me down long enough to reflect on life, the day, my week at work.  To then pray, think, plan.

I realized today that I have led a very rough life. My dad led a rough life and died at 69. My stepdad had a difficult life but had a healthy lifestyle and died at 54.  I have had a rough life and not always taken care of myself.  At 49, I wonder how long I will live.

But it is not the length of this life that is key. While a righteous life leads to length of days, and is to be desired, it is our place in eternity that counts. That said, I want to regain my health and live well.  It is my prayer then that I listen to good counsel, and also listen to my own body, telling me to do what is right.

Not eating when my stomach is full.  Not drinking when my bladder is full.  Circumcising my eyes like Job; something I fell out of practice with, that I am trying to allow God to re-harness me to.  I sometimes want to regain the mercurial mind that I had when I was on less medication, or to have the body that up to just a couple of years ago could run 5-6 miles and feel like it was just getting warmed up, but truly, it would be enough to think clearly and correctly, be a better listener, not talk foolishly, and to regain good physical health.

If you are like me, and have fallen out of health, try to reflect on what your body is telling you.  Maybe you will then start to listen to others, and to God.  If you are not getting what you want or need from others, that may be a problem, but if you have deficiencies in yourself as well, it is best to focus on fixing those, so that if others come around, you are ready and able to be a blessing to them.



2 comments on “Tell Me What You Want…Really Want

  1. Casie
    May 13, 2017

    Slowing down and reflecting is definitely something that is probably more difficult today than it ever was. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. brendans2911
    May 13, 2017

    Sure Casie. Thanks for your comment. It definitely is.

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