Dear Younger Me

I was riding home from work in a car service the other day, and the young guy who was driving shook my hand, smiled, and said, “My name is ____ and I’ll be your driver today.” I thought this was a neat, old-school approach to the service.

As we rode, he told me about the business ventures he was involved, and how he also wanted to get back to helping people in a capacity he’d had in the recent past that did not pay the bills.

He shared a little about his faith as a Catholic, and how he did not drink or do drugs, and I was not sure if I should try to share about living a life for Christ, as he had such a good demeanor; how did I know that he did not have God’s Word already written on his heart by faith?

As we arrived at my building, he circled the car and opened my door.  I chuckled and thanked him. He gave a bow, and while I am not saying I am the man he is, he really reminded me of myself when I was in my twenties. It was a gift from God to see someone  like myself as in a mirror, 20 years later.

The experience reminded me of the song, Dear Younger Me.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                             The Writer



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