The Great Adventure

My cat is really cool. He is a great “guy”, and I love to hang out with him. Sometimes we are both essentially napping, and sometimes he watches birds while I watch basketball, but whatever is going on, unless he is getting into mischief, we get along great.

Today I was doing some chores around the house for my wife and he got very animated; he seemed to want to join in, or at least know what all the excitement was about. He rushed around the house meowing.

I imagine he would want to chase birds, play with another cat, or eat something delicious. For my part, I’d want to chase my wife 🙂 , do something creative, hang out with another cat 😉 or eat something delicious; so we are not so different, my cat and I.

The real adventure, however briefly we catch glimpses of it on Earth: in a special sunset, great game, or intimate joy, the real adventure awaits us in Heaven. The great adventure of Heaven awaits each who is following Christ and wants to spend eternity with Him.

Times have been tough for me; they just seem to get harder every day; but somehow, The King of Glory still pursues me, through my sin and my success; He is still there holding me in the palm of His hand.

May He ever hold you in the palm of His hand as well; even when you doubt, as I do, waiting to take you on His eternal Great Adventure.



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