Out of Hand?

Do things seem out of hand? They probably should. Hunh? What I mean is that we are living in a time in history that, Biblically speaking, seems to be one referenced as a time when people who are Christians can doubt God is coming back, or doubt their own faith.

But God is not slow in keeping His promises, we are just prone to forget them, and times are really tough; at least to me. If you are not a Christian, and you want to look into the Bible to see if you feel it has the answers, please visit a good church, as they can help guide you through its truths.

My life has been full of tough times, both self-induced, and outside-induced. Trouble in mind and trouble in body; trouble with money and trouble with loneliness; trouble with sin and trouble with relationships.

Maybe yours has been a life of trouble or maybe it has been one of relative ease. If you think you are standing firm, take heed lest you fall. I am not trying to speak as one who has it figured out, but want fellowship with Christ, the author of life.

Be blessed.



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