The Four Giving Languages

Everyone has a different style of giving.  Everyone has an innate need to give.  I have looked at giving, and wanted to share what I see as the most basic styles of giving, with the understanding that there can be a lot of overlap between them:

One: Money and things. Some find it in their hearts to share of their material resource. Maybe they are blessed with a great deal of wealth, or perhaps money is scarce for them but they find great joy in sharing their portion with another.

Two: Words and feelings. Others like to encourage by saying a kind word or letting the       other person know how gifted or loving they are. Words and feelings are free, and if they are not idly given, are a great gift.

Three: Time and effort. There are those who like to share of their time to help with a project, party, or need. They will set aside a good deal of time and will freely expend a lot of energy so that the project goes well.

Four: Creativity. Some will create something original for you to show you they care.  This is how they share their love. It might be a play, poem, or painting, but it is meant to bless and give enjoyment.

Whatever your giving language, remember that there are several, so if someone does not give you the type of gift you need, it may be that they are speaking in their own language. If you are the giver, try to figure out what the person’s giving language is, and you’ll hit on a more suitable gift for them; one they’ll enjoy more.




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