S’more? (We’re Only Camping)

We’re only here on this earth for a short while.  To me, it sometimes seems like an eternity. We face joys and trials, and observe that while we age, we often feel as though we are still little children; and so we are, in God’s eyes.

Why does this camping trip go on so long? Why is it so hard to get it right? Maybe it is because we are trying to get it right and God needs to take us through a lot of trials before we are ready for Heaven.

I was stumped on how to write this “S’more/Camping” blog-piece, and it was becoming trite, so I put it away, and then later today when watching one of my favorite romantic comedies (yes, guys sometimes like those too), Definitely, Maybe, when I realized what I wanted to say here.

The protagonist, played by Ryan Reynolds, gets married, has a wonderful daughter, gets divorced, and discovers his best friend is actually the love of his life. I am not advocating divorce here, but he does finally “get it right”, to name another film’s title.

Getting it right could involve a relationship, character building, suffering, or anything at all, and in this life can take 0 years or 120; sometimes maybe we stay alive to help someone else, but either way, our lives are not in vain, but have purpose.

S’mores are things we enjoy and crave more of; they can be good, but I’m trying to call to mind that I am headed for home someday, and want to learn what it is I need to learn and then do it.




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