One Step Back?

I awoke early this morning from a nasty dream. I battle nightmares a lot, and have from childhood. I think some reflect fears, and some an overactive conscience, but some I think are from convictions that I have overstepped my role and purview.

In my last blog I wrote of my opposition to gay marriage and to abortion, but while I maintain those stances, I feel I have overstepped by judging others. I am sorry for this as the Bible says that we are not to judge lest we be judged, and that those who judge are guilty of the same thing.

I am not homosexual, nor have I had an abortion (obviously, as I am a man), but I am a deeply flawed man, and have struggled with a myriad of trials, particularly in my mind. For me to rant about others’ flaws is to judge them, and to be in danger of similar temptations, insofar as it is possible.

My own sins are destroyers too, so the next time I express my stance on something, I hope I can be more sympathetic and objective. I believe that is the Christian thing to do. I hope my readers will understand my mistake and that I have not  misdirected any who follow my blog, if applicable.

Best, The writer.



  1. In no way did I find your last blog to be judging of others. You simply stated your opinion in a way that I thought was very sensitive to the fact it was just that, your opinion. There was nothing harsh or judgmental in what you said. I think there would be a lot less anger, emotion and cruelty to others if more people simply accepted the fact that people have different opinions on matters and being mean and cruel is not how you change someone’s opinion. Just as you reminded us, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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