Workout Diary 9: Moderate Workouts

Getting back into shape when pushing 50, overweight, and on medication, is tough. I realized that I do best when I don’t force myself to workout, but set a few moderate goals and not push too hard if they don’t get met.

The strategy seems to be working as I was at work yesterday and twice had the urge to do pushups. I have mild rotator cuff issues, so I am careful when I do pushups, but took two quick breaks and did about 5 push ups each time.

You may be thinking that 5 pushups is not a lot, but 5 often lead to 50 in my experience, and if I don’t injure my shoulder when doing them, my body will naturally want to do more. I follow this same logic with other exercises too.

When I feel inclined to exercise, not having a gym membership at the moment, I just find a quiet spot and do some calisthenics, crunches, squats, and so on. I don’t require my body to strain itself trying for extreme range of motion or fast reps.

The result of all this is that my body feels better and my mind less stressed. The more I go easy and slowly increase my exercise, the more I am hoping my body will be inclined to have more exercise. A willing partner is the best kind.

If you are trying to get back in shape, and if your body responds in a similar way, then I recommend a moderate workout routine. Your body will be less prone to injury, you’ll have more fun, and you may find yourself working out intensely over time.



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