My GSW’s

Go Warriors! What a team. But they are less cohesive than last year. I love Steph and Klay; Draymond and Livingston; Iguodala and Clark. McGee is good, and KD is amazing, but his attitude seems to need just a bit of a shave.

I heard that recently Durant was called upon to pass to Curry and refused, and also that Draymond Green (rightly) scolded KD for it. The ‘dubs’ of the past few years (at least) have been a team known for being generous with the ball, and even KD often is, but that incident shows a bit of an undercurrent.

Something may have been said in the locker room/by Kerr, because Durant gave Curry a great assist in tonight’s game versus the sub-.500 Detroit Pistons. The Warriors are number one in the league, and happen to also be #1 against sub-.500 teams, but those stats are not mutually exclusive.

I love watching the Warriors, and I also love watching analysts’ Jim Barnett, Bob Fitzgerald, Ros Gold-Onwude, Greg Papa, Garry St. Jean, and Kelenna Azubuike. Together or individually, they are one of the most entertaining & professional teams of commentators in sports.

Let’s hope the Warriors gel more in 2017; the 2016 team was a tight unit that won an amazing streak of games and got a little burned out. Maybe this year, while we don’t have quite the same win record, we can take the championship, as our bench is strong and we aren’t too worn out.

Go Warriors!!!



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