The Last Mile

David Baldacci is a best-selling author who has penned about 33 mysteries in 20 or so years. I recently finished reading The Last Mile, my first foray into his writing. The plot is absorbing, the characters are very likable and have some depth.

One of the things I enjoyed about The Last Mile was that the story moved forward quickly as I got to know the main characters better. Some novels take so long to bring the story into focus that the reader loses interest.

At 417 pages, the book takes time to properly unravel a good mystery, but again, the author does not let the story sit idle. The plot only  meanders a bit here and there.

The Last Mile tells the story of a man with a perfect memory, scarred by the murder of his own family, who having solved that crime, becomes interested in a similar case. That man, Amos Decker, is a former cop just coming on to a special FBI task force.

Decker also has football in common with the accused, Melvin Mars, and together with the task force, they try to find the truth behind the murders of Mars family members before the perpetrators get to them.

The Last Mile has a bit of foul language, but redemptive themes. It is not a Christian book, but for a secular novel, I was impressed with its spirit.  I am now about to read Memory Man, the prequel with Amos Decker’s origin, so it will be a sort of Star Wars’ type reading.

Please feel free to comment on a book you enjoyed, or, if you’ve read The Last Mile, let me know what you thought of it. Happy reading!



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