Mid-Life Health

If you are like me, hovering around 50 years old, and wanting to be a little more healthy, please read on:

2016 has seen many celebrities pass on, and as many of us identified with one or more of them, we may feel our own mortality more keenly. We are all in the “Death Zone”, but eternity can be a good thing if we are trusting in Christ for our salvation.

No one can control when they finally go home, but we do have some choices about how we live.  My wife has been very helpful in trying to get me to exercise moderation in life: “…just have two of those Christmas chocolates per day.”, she’ll say, or, “Don’t eat when you’re not hungry.”.

After a while, such exhortations have a way of sinking in, thankfully, and at years’ end I am trying to take walks and eat smaller portions. I do love food, but have been blessed with having some of my cravings eased.

When I eat a bit less, I feel better, and the walks are usually great. I am hoping to start back at the gym in early 2017, and want to work on general health, over strength or speed. I realize some of my readers may be older, thinking more of fending off illness, or younger, wanting more excitement, but everyone can benefit from better health.

My dad was 69 when he died, and if he had not lived so hard in his younger days, he would have enjoyed better health, and might have lived longer.

This life is not an easy one, but there are times of blessing to enjoy. I hope you find 2017 a better, healthier year for you and yours.  I am hoping to think, speak, and act more wisely, and for God to bless me with good health and peace.

-The writer



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