Critic’s Panned It? Humbug!

I recently watched the 2015 Fantastic Four, and the only “name” I was familiar with in it was Shooter‘s Kate Mara as Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman. The movie was not Batman Begins, but it presented an origin for TFF from Reed Richards’ and Ben Grimm’s childhood.

The end of the movie seemed only the beginning of the story, and I am disappointed the critics panned it, as I’d like to see more of this tale. The characters were interesting, and while the movie moved slowly, it was not boring.  I have grown tired of action movies with the same soundtrack, and ever more grandiose CGI effects that crowd out the characters.

It’s also fun to watch the campy 2005 version with Ioan Gruffudd and Chris Evans. That is a good one too.  It has non-stop action and fun, and moves at a good clip without letting the action kill the story.

I started reading Fantastic Four comics in the 1980’s when John Byrne illustrated them.  If you are a fan of the Fantastic Four, feel free to comment with a story of your own!



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