The End of an Era?

Today marks the essential end of an era for me.  I am starting a new phase of work next year, and am very grateful that God has provided this new job. This year has been difficult, but I have been blessed to work with some fine folks who each taught me some good lessons.

2017, Lord willing, will be a time for rebuilding, and I am committed to trying to revive my fitness quest, eat healthier, find a new hobby, and perhaps continue with my blogging and writing.

I have tried to start a few new books this year, but have not been as inspired as with Beyond, so my new hobby may take me in another direction from writing; I really am not sure.

I hope that Christmas finds you with The Savior, Christ, and that 2017 will be a time of rebuilding for you; or of continued blessings. The world is a hard place, but there is much love and joy to be found here in the Shadowlands, nonetheless.

God bless you and yours, and thank you for reading FitzGerald Press.                                            -Brendan Shea




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