Ay Chihuahua!

I recently had a tooth pulled.  Number 14, to be precise.  The tooth was broken some time ago, and as I did not have dental insurance, it languished until a recent bout of extreme pain.

The mishaps and misadventures encountered during my quest for extraction proved anything but delightful and hilarious. I was turned away, misinformed, mistreated, but finally, a gem of a dentist in San Jose pulled this monster of a tooth out for me.

Now I am seeking to have a replacement implanted, but am very grateful for the absence of #14, though there is a hole where it once was, the infection is on the wane, and the pain has all but subsided.

Oh little children (and everyone 😉 ) care for your teeth.  Take good care of your body.  Technology notwithstanding, it is the only one you have for this life.

Yes, I still will eat sweets & chocolates and such, with dental hygiene to follow, but I am going to avoid hard candy like the plague.



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