And The Golden Turkey Goes To…

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice!

It was unfortunate that I spent two and a half hours watching this poor excuse for a movie. Good actors, expensive costumes and effects, and a DC character preview, all wasted.

I highly recommend you NOT see this movie.  It basically plays one “note” for its entire length.

Amy Adams played Lois Lane, and if you want to see a great movie, check out Arrival, with her, Jeremy Renner, and Forrest Whitaker.  It’s a good, thought provoking, if somewhat sketchily new age sci-fi story.

For a great Superman FILM, check out the original Christopher Reeve, Superman The Movie, with the late Marlon Brando and Jackie Cooper.  The film also stars Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Terence Stamp, Trevor Howard, Ned Beatty, and Susannah York.



  1. Since Batman v Superman is currently playing on TV channels I already pay for, it was worth seeing “for free”. I ordinarily wait the obligatory year until the superhero movies show up onscreen at home, unless reviews are overwhelmingly good. Reviews for this film were not good. Wonder Woman did seem to come across better than the two overly grumpy leading men, and I couldn’t remember why Lex Luthor was behaving like an unhinged Joker variant instead of the criminal mastermind from the comics.

  2. Thanks for the comments Invisible Mikey. I feel the same on most counts, except that I also saw it on TV for free. I especially agree that Lex Luthor should not be confused with Jack Napier or The Joker.

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