Well, I Voted…

I watched as the Republican field narrowed to Trump, and I heard that Hillary forced out Bernie, whom I was considering voting for.  Carson, whom I’d found to have wisdom, seemed too soft to be president, and no one with manners and sense could seem to carry the day.

My ballot came in the mail and I let it sit, waiting, for a couple of weeks. As the time to vote neared, I filled out the ballot as best I could, wondering if I was doing the right thing. I reconsidered, and tossed the envelope with my ballot, in my desk drawer.

Election day was not a good one for me, and I had recently decided to tear up my ballot, but by 7pm or so, I took out the envelope, and headed to the polls.  I was greeted cordially as I arrived at my polling place, and submitted my ballot, but no one looked me in the eye as they thanked me for voting.

I thanked them, I think, and I headed out to my car, wondering if I’d done the right thing. That night, my wife and I watched part of the results come in and then went to bed. The next day, I saw on TV that Trump had won.

I felt refreshed that we’d have a change of agenda from some of the policies of the past eight years, but when I spoke to co-workers and others, many were angry, scared, and upset. I felt guilty, and wondered if I should have abstained from voting.

I voted for Trump because he indicated he’d try to cut through bureaucracy and help our nation prosper again.  I did not like his comments about women or minorities at all. I did not like that Hillary had gotten away with so many criminal activities, according to what I read and watched.

I hope that the next four years will be a time of rebuilding our great nation, and while I don’t see the world the same as some, I hope we can love and respect one another. Trump is only one person; great power though he and congress may have.

I saw that some had done bad things over Trump’s win; some in protest, and some shamefully gloating; even racism.  It made me sad.

Trump has failings, but I do not know if bad things done in his name are approved by him.  If they are, then he will answer for them one day, as we all have to stand before God in the end, forgiven or unforgiven.

If Clinton was your candidate, I hope you will not despair.  I believe God is the one in control, and that justice and love win out in the end; whether that occurs in Trump’s presidency, or later, the new Heaven and new Earth will be without suffering of any kind.

I hope you are trusting in Jesus for your salvation; He is Lord of all, and died so that you might have life.

-The author


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