¿No Más?

Sometimes the opportunity to have a need met legitimately is there, but we are too blind, arrogant, or foolish to see or take advantage of it.  We need to be actively watching and listening for the opportunity to arrive.

It could be a relationship, a job opportunity, the occasion to be kind to someone, or something else.  If we already have the relationship or the job, it could be an opportunity to improve that situation.

Hindsight is 20/20, and each day I find myself looking back to times when God “provided the lamb”, so that I would not have to suffer.  So many times I did not see the “lamb in the thicket”, the person, or think that God had given to meet the need in my life. Then, lacking the need, I overcompensated in some other arena to make up for my lack.

This is something that leads to addictive behaviors, fear, contempt, bitterness, and worse conditions.  The person who does not take the opportunity afforded must then scramble to fix the lack another way; this “fix” is usually not the best way, and leads to problems.

If you see opportunity “out of the corner of your eye”, then by all means, if it is something potentially positive,  examine it, and if it seems good, pursue it so that you will grow.  (if it seems a temptation or too good to be true then be very cautious or shun it altogether!). You may learn a new way of living that more closely aligns with God’s plan for your life.  He is the designer, so He knows what works best.



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