Life in the Womb

Hi, I am the writer on here.  I want you to know that I am not trying to vilify people who have abortions.  I have sympathy with those whom I know who’ve had abortions as I know the circumstances surrounding them were harsh, and as I feel they were each impacted severely, and there is one who told me she was devastated.

I am against abortion because I believe – and science has proven – that a fetus is a living creature.  I won’t go into all the data here because it is available online.  I will say that as a man I have no idea what a woman goes through surrounding this issue other than what women have told me.

As the fetus is a living being, it has rights; certain inalienable rights to be born and have a chance at life.  If there is rape or incest, I still think it is wrong to abort the child, but again, I am not trying to judge the individual, but rather stating the facts as I see them.

I hope that women will not have abortions, and I hope their men will step up and be the dads they need to be.  This may be an antiquated notion, but that does not make it an invalid one.

Rapists should also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that is something that seems to seldom occur, sadly.  I venture that rapists should perhaps be emasculated, but then, no one is without sin.

What is to become of this mess, you ask?  Who knows, but it is certain in my mind that Christ will come back to make things right.  God knows that we mortals are incapable of fixing ourselves; even if we don’t.


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