What’s in a CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is key to business, and no one does CRM for SMB (small to medium business) like PipelineDeals CRM.  When researching a new CRM for a company I worked with, I looked at several products available for small business at low cost and PipelineDeals came in on top.

Why you ask?  I am a visual person, and PipelineDeals’ clean look made it easy for me to view the data onscreen.  Further, PipelineDeals allows you to easily manipulate fields for outstanding customization.

Their email functionality is great as well: they have tracking for email that allows you to see when an email has been opened, when a link has been clicked on, and when an attachment has been opened.

They claim the tracking functionality should increase your business’ profits, and indeed, the firm I was with saw a great increase in revenue when the tool was implemented.  Further, they are constantly working to improve the tool, and their support staff are terrific.

This is not a paid endorsement, but if you are looking for a good CRM for your small to medium business, I hope you’ll check out PipelineDeals.  They really have a fantastic solution.

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