Your Sony What?!

Today while shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with my wife (lunch at Chevy’s was on the table, so I could not pass up the deal), we spotted the phonographs on clearance.  It was called a turntable, but as it had an amplifier and a speaker, I hearkened to my youth and am sometimes calling it a phonograph.

When we got home, my wife put on a bunch of her old records (I have not kept my old vinyl, save for one), and suddenly I was back in the 80’s; the days of the Sony Walkman, bands like A-Ha, U2; the Reagan presidency, Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Berkeley, dancing to Michael Jackson with my step-sister, and more.

When I was a teenager back then, I had a portable cassette player, but it was an Aiwa, with outstanding sound.  Unfortunately, I probably blew-out 20% of my hearing capacity listening to Prince sing When Doves Cry 400 times on my Aiwa’s headphones, but I walked from West Berkeley to Shattuck or Telegraph Avenues hundreds of times to watch movies and buy comics, and the music I played air drums and guitar to made the journeys complete.

Listening to music on the way was why I later would identify with “Do The Right Thing”‘s Radio Raheem a little bit.  Most likely I was just slightly closer to Matthew Broderick in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” or Alfred E. Neumann 😉

Anyway, we got a great deal on the turntable as my wife had a coupon and a credit.  $20 later we were the happy owners of a Crosley 3 speed portable turntable.  Thanks, Bed, Bath & Beyond!

(Not a paid endorsement)


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