Can I Still Get Those Flautas?

Dining at Chevys today, I enjoyed my meal, and wondered if the location we were at would still be there in the future.  With lots of big chain restaurants falling prey to low yelp ratings, bankruptcy, and other perils, the danger of its’ potential doom is real.

The location near our home closed last year, leaving us with a few main stream favorites like Rubio’s, Red Robin, Panda Express, Applebee’s and Smashburger, but not much more.  We like to eat out when we can afford it, and our local Chevys had good food at reasonable prices.

The other thing I like about Chevys is that while it is Americanized Mexican food, the atmosphere is relaxed and not polished, the food is consistent, and the service is good.  Also, we can eat there for about $50 or less.

The only time I use Yelp for dining out is if I need to research a place for something new or special, and I really don’t care what someone else thinks about a place unless I have never been there.  At least it should not change my feeling about a place I have already had a good experience with.

Chevys and the other chains may not be for everybody, but I like them, and I hope they stay around for many years to come.




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