Elementary Season Premiere

I have enjoyed watching Elementary for a few years now.  Sometimes the content is too violent, dark, or too overtly sexual, but most of the time, it is OK for me.  I love to watch Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, and Jon Michael Hill fighting crime each week, in brilliant and unique ways.

This Sherlock Holmes redux centered around Liu’s character Joan Watson helping Holmes to avoid his heroin addiction while solving crimes, but now Holmes is doing well, and Watson is a key part of the investigative team (unlike Nigel Bruce’ Watson of the ’30’s film series, a bumbling if completely likable Watson).

In the season premiere of Elementary, the pair are pursuing a mad bomber, but it is Joan’s preoccupation with an ex-con she performed surgery on in the past that is most compelling.  I found the pursuit of the bomber a bit perfunctory, and also observed that Holmes’ character has changed from a nebbish Asperger-type sometime jerk to a guy who is more sensitive in his keen observational remarks; when talking to those he cares for.

In my late 40’s, most TV plots seem very predictable, but with likable characters like Holmes, Watson, and Quinn’s Captain Gregson & Hill’s Detective Bell, watching these yarns untangle is diverting and often enjoyable.




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