Dear Frontier Restaurant:

Dear Frontier Restaurant:

Yes, I’m biased.  I worked there in the mid-eighties, when my folks transplanted me from Northern California.  As a teenage cashier, I peeled my share of fresh green chilies, cashiered for hungry diners ordering  number 1’s, sweet rolls, and all the rest.

I can objectively report, that the toasted wheat BLT’s are phenomenal and the chili burgers are an awesome treat.

You may have heard of the legendary sweet rolls, which do not disappoint, and  I loved the fresh squeezed OJ – I really have not tasted many to equal theirs.

You also won’t want to miss the delicious hot chocolate, but don’t forget the atmosphere and the model of the Frontier’ –

When a family settles in a city that the rest of the world was pretty oblivious to, starts a business that requires a tremendous effort on the part of each member, puts in long hours, and takes great pains to maintain quality, people notice.

The town grows.  People see that the region has incredible natural beauty, a uniquely quiet ambiance, nice little places to see, good food, a low cost of living, and more.  The Rainosek’s expand over time to five rooms; the restaurant covers a whole city block.

The atmosphere is clean, cozy, and friendly.  The Rainosek’s engage with the community, they purchase artwork from local talent in this strong artistic community; they give to charities, and are known as people who treat their workers well.  My manager Pete had a strong, stable character, and was a good influence on me.

It’s true, I have not been to Albuquerque for years, and the University area may have changed, but for my money, it was an awfully nice place to go, and that means a lot to me.

Yes, there is super-trendy gourmet, and authentic Mexican cuisine galore in the area; and I have a few other favorites in NM that I could write about too, but I guess having worked there, I have a real soft spot for the place.

Best to the Rainosek’s, Pete, and the crew; you guys were terrific!



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