Tough Mudder 2017

I’m excited at the prospect of participating in Tough Mudder Tahoe 2017.  I ran in the 2014 and 2015 events, but in 2016 some health issues prevented me from attending.  Tough Mudder is a great event, well run, challenging, and fun.

Tough Mudder’s are run throughout the free-world, and generally consist of an 11-12 mile obstacle course with about 24 obstacles with walking/running between each group of obstacles.  The course is well supplied with drink and energy bar/fruit kiosks, restrooms, and first-aid personnel.

The beauty of Tough Mudder Tahoe is that you get to enjoy the awesome scenery of Lake Tahoe while climbing a 1/4 mile cliff, wading through a dumpster of ice water, or running through a gauntlet of electric-charged wires.

The best part of Tough Mudder is the camaraderie. When you slog through bogs of mud and can’t get up to the embankment on your own, there are fellow ‘mudders who’ve already been helped up, reaching out to help you up.  The same thing happens on “Everest”, when you run up a reverse ski jump type obstacle.

Tough Mudder Tahoe is hosted by Northstar California Ski Resort, and occurs every year between June and August.  The average cost when you book a year in advance is $129, and the price goes up to about $200 when you wait until the time of the event. If you are really on a tight budget, you can volunteer to help on one weekend day, and run for free on the other.

If you are considering participating in Tough Mudder, you may want to find friends to go with and form a group.  It’s a lot of fun to participate with a group, and you can get group rates, and share housing costs.

Remember the spirit of Tough Mudder.  It is not a race, (while they have value!).  The only object is to finish if you can.

Enjoy the mud!



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