Keep On Workin’

If you are like me: pushing 50, and no retirement; working without a big salary, trying to make ends meet, and wondering how long I can keep working, you may be concerned.  With times being what they are and many people never entering retirement, I know I am not alone in my thoughts.

I recently reblogged Kevin Mercadante’s Out of Your Rut blog on: What to Do If You’ll Have to Work for the Rest of Your Life, and the subject of this blog piece was rekindled in my thoughts as a topic for this article.

Personally, I spend about 20% of my free time trying to develop ways to generate additional income. I have not squirreled any of my small earnings away anything on this venture, but hope to set the stage for that soon.

When I wanted to become an actor in my twenties, I spent 5 years studying all I could about acting, and by the time I reached age 32, with other jobs in between, I was employed in theater with a company that paid a living wage with benefits and more.

I have spent the last three years blogging as a hobby, and hope that by the time I need it, I will be educated and positioned to bring in a significant supplemental income with my writing. I also enjoy photography, resume writing, and graphic design.

If you study and practice in areas that are now hobbies, and learn to monetize them to supplement your income, you’ll gain from your enjoyment and help others in the process.  Here’s hoping that your ventures in self-employment prove fruitful and edifying, and that you have adequate resource in your later years.



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