All You Can Eat


It had been years since I’d been to Round Table for their “All You Can Eat” Pizza & Salad Buffet, and I was out on some errands, and wanting a place to hang out for a bit.  I was hungry, and had a book I wanted to read, so I headed to a local, quieter Round Table Pizza.

The ‘Buffet was $7.99 a few years ago, but today, my total with drink and a dollar tip for counter service was about $14.  The value is there, as I got unlimited pizza, salad, and drinks, so the inflated price did not hurt too badly.

The pizza’s reflected today’s pizza market as influenced by great shops like “Pizza My Heart”, where you can get an incredible salad and a huge, healthy slice for about the same cost, and be stuffed.  There were traditional choices like pepperoni, and deluxe, but also veggie, and BBQ.

The atmosphere was pleasant for a guy on his own at lunchtime: TV’s with sports on but at a low volume; a good crowd, but not noisy; and a clean, large booth with a table that was not higher than my eyelids.  The plates and silverware were clean, and so were the glasses.

When I left, I saw the sign suggesting one ring the bell if the experience was a good one, but I saw no bell. I guess I am getting old, because I went up to the counter to ask about it, and they said the bell had been removed.  I said, “Consider it rung”, and they likely didn’t know what to make of it.

I hope that as we move into the future, the absence of the bell does not mean a lapse into rudeness and lack of caring, but at the Round Table of today, as well as for years, the food and atmosphere were high quality.

I don’t want to get “All I Can Eat” everyday.  That would be foolish and dangerous, but the time I had today, reading my book, eating my lunch, and enjoying the fall weather out of the picture window to my left, was fun, relaxing, and yes, healthy.

(this is not a paid endorsement)



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