Workout Diary 7: Obligatory Recovery

Our family downsized to one car some time ago, and when I stopped working remotely, I found myself faced with riding a bike to work.  The family budget did not allow for another vehicle, so I got a tune up for my Bianchi, and got back in the “saddle”.

In my last workout diary you may have read that I had to take some medications that were problematic.  Riding the bike meant I had to really ramp up more quickly in the morning, and this has had the benefit of doing better work, as coffee coupled with bike ride has made for a more alert mind.

It is not easy to make a transition like this, but God is good, and has sustained me through this time of transition.  I am losing weight despite the medication, my outlook is growing brighter, and I am also more productive on my days off.

If you are taking medication, or just want to get out of a slump, try to get out there and exercise.  Like me, you may not enjoy it at first, but the rewards are there to be found over time, so I hope you are able to hang in there and get back to your workouts if you have had a time of discouragement or trouble.

-The Author


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