Nike vs Adidas

In 2015 I purchased a pair of Adidas Kanadia TR7 Traxion sneakers, and in 2016, I bought a pair of Nike Dual Fusion TR6 running shoes.  I love both pairs of shoes, but there are marked differences, and I think the Nike’s are superior for walking at least.

The Adidas are black, have ridged synthetic soles, and a good arch support.  They hug my feet, and the best feature of this shoe in my estimation is that they make your feet absolutely want to DASH forward (I ran a 2015 Tough Mudder in the Adidas and they survived)! The only drawback is that they do pinch my toes just a bit.

The last time I bought a pair of Nike’s was in the 1980’s (!) as the Air Jordan high tops I got seemed too narrow for me, and I was often finding my ankles “bending” and losing my footing due to the narrow design.

My new pair of Nike’s are great though.  They seem to have been engineered as three separate sections (maybe this is common for Nike now): the heel, the arch, and the toe.  The TR6 are super comfortable to wear, and I feel that all of the 26 bones in my feet are being taken care of!

When I first walked on the Nike’s, I think my feet stressed a bit because other shoes did not allow all the phalanges, tarsals, and metatarsals to line up and touch the ground correctly, but now my walking experience is great.

I have not run on the Nike TR6 as yet, but am hoping the experience and resulting foot condition will be excellent.  If you are looking for a great walking shoe, try out the Nike Dual Fusion TR6, and if your toe spread is fairly narrow, the Adidas Kanadia TR7 can’t be beat.

(this is not a paid or compensated endorsement)




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