The Secret Life of Pets

My wife and I saw The Secret Life of Pets today, and we both enjoyed it immensely.  It is no deep art film, but a rollicking fun ride through the animated streets of New York City, following dozens of domestic and wild animals fight to save their friends.

The animation was very good, and the music was excellent.  The buildings of Manhattan were portrayed in a way that reminded me of Lady and the Tramp, and the music was hip, jazzy, and fun.

Louis C.K. stars as Max, a Jack Russell Terrier, who is at his wits’ end when his beloved owner brings home another dog, Duke, who is awful to Max.  Max is told he must be the “A” type dog to hold his own, but things eventually backfire.

Next, Max and Duke find themselves enmeshed in danger from dog catchers and a gang of rogue animals (led by a rabbit named Snowball, played to perfection by Kevin Hart).  The two dogs must learn to work together to get out of their predicament.

Finally, just when things seem pretty bleak, Gidget (Jenny Slate), a Pomeranian who is secretly in love with Max, helps them to save the day in a pretty amazing way; aided by a host of Max’s friends, and an aging but resourceful Basset Hound.

I hope you’ll see The Secret Life of Pets.  Especially if you are someone who likes a movie that lifts the spirit and entertains, though fictional and light at heart.



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