Stumbling Into Sales

Many years ago, having left my job in theater, I found my safety net working as a telemarketer.  The company was about a block from my home, and the work was relatively easy: call existing bank customers to see if they were interested in taking out a loan.

The job did not seem to have much of a future, but after a year, I was offered a position as a telemarketer at a mortgage company.  My task was to see if the folks I was calling wanted to refinance their homes; I built rapport with those who did, and got their data for the originators.

Later, having spent several years in another field, I got a job in the solar industry.  It took me a long time to ramp up in this new job, and those who helped me along the way were greatly appreciated.  Once I found my way, I excelled.

I did not set out to be a salesman, but reflect that both my grandfathers were salesman.  I grew to love sales, while my job was on the front-end, introducing others to the product or service, and connecting them with the inside or outside team.

To me, selling is just about getting to know someone a bit, understanding what they want, and then finding a solution.  Like acting, I don’t think you always need to “sell”, you just need to present things in a straightforward way and then let the person decide.

Again, I did not set out to be a salesman, but I have been blessed with some ability in this field.  I hope you find satisfaction in the work you do.  Enjoying your career is so important on this life journey.


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