A Life in Theater (III)

Going to see shows in New York was great fun.  I got to see shows I worked on, like a Bobby Siverls’ scene showcase, where I was Assistant Stage Manager, and Total Theatre Performers’ Macbeth, where I was the lighting technician.

While in Paul Sills’ class, I watched some experimental theater performances, and while in SOHO, I enjoyed a production of Peter Sellars’, with the late Spalding Gray and the late Ron Vawter.

I took a few dance classes in the Village at Dance Space, and performed “The Dance of the Dream Man” during an open mic evening, and also got to see Lynn Simonson perform there.  I attended the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop and enjoyed Syntyche performing to Yaz’, “In My Room”.

I took a date to see Baryshnikov in Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, as directed by Stephen Berkoff; and that was an incredible performance.  Once, in the attic of a church, I watched as six players in plain clothes and two ropes for props performed “Pericles Prince of Tyre” to perfection.

My favorite theater experiences though, were at Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacourte Theater in Central Park.  I got to sit near the likes of Kevin Kline and Blythe Danner; Gregory Hines and John Amos; Jerry Stiller and Fisher Stevens.

I was so enamored with the Public Theater that put on these performances that I snuck into a dark and cavernous theater there in the East Village and performed Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy in the shadows and to no one.

The only other time I was there, I saw Christopher Walken and Irene Worth and Keith David in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.  It was a hip and expert production, also helmed by director Stephen Berkoff.

(end of part three)


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