Part Four of: Surviving Mental Breakdown

Being married to someone strong means that you have to learn to be stronger, so it is not always easy, but it also means they are better equipped to hang in there when times are tough.

When I moved in with my new bride, I also had just started a new job in solar, setting appointments for the sales team; a natural extension of my previous call center work. The job suited me well, as I am one who is well-suited to supporting teams.

I left the job briefly in spring of 2012 to work in another job, but gladly returned in the fall when that position did not work out.  At that point I was offered to work remotely, and I succeeded well in that for a while, but marriage was not always easy, and being on my own at home too much made me a bit of an overachiever at work.

I had another breakdown last January, and lost the solar job, but a friend who owns his own business needed some help and was kind to take me on, so I was able to continue working, once I’d had a little time to begin to heal.

Now I am on an upswing, but not fully mended.  I take medication and see a psychiatrist, but am very high functioning.  I find the mental illness can be tracked like a company’s earnings.  There are peaks and valleys along the way, but if successful, the trend is always on the uptick.

Now that I have recounted a brief history of my health journey to date, I will go on to write about the illness itself, my history with it somewhat more in depth, and try to offer insight to encourage the reader.

(End of part four)


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