Part Three of: Surviving Mental Breakdown

As it turned out, living the Christian life was not as easy as it seemed: I got married to someone who also had a mental illness, but my then spouse was terribly unhappy in the relationship and got out.

I had been working as an actor at a Christian theater.  It was a major venue, and we did 12 shows per week; hard work, and a great struggle during a troubled marriage.  When I got too stressed mentally to keep up the acting, I became a telemarketer.

I think my then wife was somewhat proud to refer to her husband the actor, but her husband the telemarketer did not sound quite the same.  After she left, I was nearly suicidal, and began to be convinced that God did not love me.

A few years after she left me, I was a shambles, so I decided to return to California to live with my mom.  My stepdad had died in Pennsylvania shortly after he brought me back from New York, and she eventually moved to Oakland.

My mom and I got along well, but I needed a significant other, so nine years after my first wife left, I engaged a Christian dating service and met someone special.  We have been married for several years, and she is much stronger than my first wife; I think it is not good for two people with the same weaknesses to live together in most cases.

(end of part three)

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