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Of Hail and Tortoises

The soft shelled tortoise had two hard shelled tortoises that were dear to him. The soft shelled tortoise spoke with the one hard shelled tortoise, at daybreak. The hard shelled tortoise told the soft shelled tortoise all sorts of truths about his softer friend, and that encouraged the softer tortoise. The soft shelled tortoise then saw the other hard shelled tortoise later that day. This hard shelled tortoise liked to have its back scratched in hailstorms. The soft shelled tortoise hated hailstorms because it felt like his shell would break open when the hailstones hit. The soft shelled tortoise was of a different design, but had also been in some really awful hailstorms. Its feeling that its shell would break in the storms, and his doubt that the hailstorms would strengthen his shell in some respects were not accurate, but the truths that the hail was really painful, and that his shell was not formed in a way that made it okay for him to walk through a lot of hailstorms were valid. The hailstones bruised the tender flesh under his soft shell, and the thin design did not insulate him adequately. The other hard shelled tortoise had two key characteristics with regard to the soft shelled tortoise. One, the other hard shelled tortoise cared so much about strengthening the soft shelled tortoise, that it encouraged him to walk through hailstorms with it, regularly. The soft shelled tortoise hated the hailstorms, and feared their impact on his soft shell, and tender flesh, but loved the other hard shelled tortoise so much, that he regularly ventured forth into the worst of hailstorms with the other hard shelled tortoise. He did develop a more resilient shell, and his mindset about the hail became more balanced, but at the same time, he still preferred to hide under rocks or to walk in more mild areas when the hailstorms were happening. The second characteristic of the other hard shelled tortoise is that it got very frustrated that the soft shelled tortoise did not see clearly that its thin shell was ultra-strong, and would not break. Sometimes the other hard shelled tortoise wanted so much for the soft shelled tortoise to have a healthier mindset, that it would show great pleasure when the soft shelled tortoise agreed to join it on walks through the most hideous hailstorms the soft shelled tortoise could imagine. There could have been worse storms, but to intentionally walk out under them was anathema to the soft shelled tortoise. The other hard shelled tortoise hardly paid attention to the booming thunder or the screaming lightning; it only took heed of the pleasant friction of the hailstones on its hard shell. The soft shelled tortoise sometimes felt it might just stop following the hard shelled tortoise into hailstorms, and loved the company of the first hard shelled tortoise, as it encouraged the soft shelled tortoise to consider and enjoy the sunny days, but the soft shelled tortoise’ love for, and its devotion to the other hard shelled tortoise, combined with its love for the maker, kept it close by the other hard shelled tortoise’ side.


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