Frustrating TV Ads

The jury is in. There are some pet peeves about TV commercials that are probably universal.

Are there things that you find frustrating about television commercials? Chances are you share some of these commonly annoying commercial pet peeves:

~Ads that are aired repeatedly in one time slot are tiresome. You are watching your favorite comedy, drama or reality show. An ad comes on for a car dealership. They play the same commercial at every break, and what is worse, they play it back to back at each break. You are glad you have a DVR so you can fast forward through these annoyances, but it sure would be a lot nicer if they would ease up on the repetition.

~Pharmaceutical advertisements that promise their drug will cure an ailment, but warn that it may cause several serious side effects are a pain. Some of the side effects seem worse than the original ailment. Of course, these side effects may be rare, but it makes the medication seem undesirable, and leave one wondering if there isn’t a better way to beat depression, asthma or to have better intimacy.

~Commercials that always want you to switch can be very annoying, too. Imagine you just switched your Internet provider, cell phone carrier or car insurance company. Now another firm comes along and hammers you with ten reasons why you should switch to their service. You may be happy where you’re at, but now the grass looks greener on the other side, and it’s annoying to hear about what you are (or aren’t) missing by jumping ship.

Whatever your pet peeve about commercials (and we all have them), it sure would be nice to have a break. Thank goodness for the DVR.



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