Workout Diary 6: Workouts & medication

I recently was put on some heavy medication for a condition I am struggling with.  This is a challenge as the side effects of the medication hinder my workouts, but I am trying to continue exercising for maximum health and optimal mood…

Now that I am on medication, my energy is down, my weight is up, I need more sleep, and my body is not as resilient.  Here are some things I am doing to keep up my health during this time of being heavily medicated:

  • Daily walk/run

I make it a point to try and walk or run daily to stave off depression and lethargy.  If unable to run the entire distance, I am OK with walking, but I do keep trying to run several yards.  I just pick a landmark in the distance and force myself to reach that object while running.  Then I let myself rest until the next delineated landmark.

  • Gym workouts

I use some of my walk/run days to go to the gym; as many as possible.  When at the gym I OK modification of routines/exercises, including range of motion, if needed.  The idea is to keep working out and to do so at length on the days I do work out.  This way my body keeps fit and I am busy…no time to get lethargic.

  • Keep busy with work

If you are working or looking for work, keep active!  I am currently looking for a new, full time position, so I keep my spare hours filled to the brim.  Occasionally I feel a strong urge to nap, and I allow myself a short nap, but it is good to set an alarm if you tend to sleep excessively.

  • Overeating

I have trouble with overeating; particularly when inactive.  I sometimes set myself a challenge to not eat until a certain time, and if that does not work, I slam down glasses of H20 or go for a walk.  Sometimes calling a friend and having a good talk is helpful, or you could go and shoot hoops or do some sport you like.  If there is an errand you need to accomplish then take a break from your in-home tasks and set a time to return to them.

  • Prayer/music

Prayer, Bible study, and playing or listening to music are things that are really helpful to me, and while I cannot always put myself in the frame of mind to do them when busy or depressed, they are priceless tools that I can always employ to a greater degree for growth and to prevent down-cycling.

Now I realize I got a little afield of working out here, but all of these items are key to staying in good shape when on medication, so if you are on a heavy medication, and fatigue & depression are at your heels, please try out some of these great tools to stomp the enemy down and keep yourself encouraged and fit!



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