Reboot – Workout Diary 4: Seven Minute Workout

If you exercise and are having issues keeping fit when time is short, try the following routine.  This one is rated as “zero to less sweat and quick”:

Only 7 minutes:
Use your smartphone/tablet countdown timer, clock, or whatever you have handy
(the countdown timer ends with the chime of your choice and helps eliminate distraction)
Plank: Push-up position held (keep your back flat) for up to 1 minute or more
Squat: Arms parallel to the ground (do not tilt forward or backward)
Crunch: Modify to fit what you can do (This is like a sit up
Push Ups: Modify position to suit your health and ability; do keep your back straight, though
Video Demo push ups: proper technique
Toe touches: modify as you develop the ability
Video Demo toe touches (extreme position here; not needed for beginners!)
Flutter Kicks
Video demo  flutter kicks
Jumping Jacks, one minute; Try lowering arms from overhead to parallel with ground only, instead of lowering to sides; once you get acclimated to exercise
or get crazy, and pick on of these:
Please remember, you can do one rep or 100; the idea is to do what you can, and build on that.  You can use the easiest position, if needed; strength, speed, and endurance will follow.

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