Who’s The Wiz now?

Can I just say how good “The Wiz’ Live” theater simulcast really was?
T H I S  G O O D ! ! ! ! ! ! !

A blend of The Wizard of Oz’ original story, The Wiz’ original music redone, and some FANTASTIC singing & dancing.

Missing? The before and after part from the original three men of Kansas  (Bolger, Haley, Lahr), and nothing else.

I loved Judy Garland growing up, and Diana Ross was good too, but the newbie, Shanice Williams as Dorothy? Terrific! and those curls remind me of the one who almost worked that role in ’39 😉

Props to Mr. Firestein for the teleplay, and my favorite character? 1939 is the humble pyrophobic, ’78: Pryor or Mr. White Glove, but today? Ne-Yo shines in his polished gleaming metal…break it down, ‘Yo.


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