Speedy Gonzalez?

I got my first ticket for speeding last month.  I see I have to render unto Caesar, and if God tells us to do that, then it is also rendering to God, no?  I know that it is not OK to speed, and that I had to go out of town to handle it was not fun, but spoke to a veteran at the court building, who is being penalized for being hit by an unlicensed driver; the veteran is a trucker, and I don’t know his whole story, but as we discussed the “system”, it was clear to me that we all mess up, and there were all kinds of overtones in the environment that I found myself in.  The best thing about the whole morning for me, was the fact that every person in the building I was in was kind and considerate; and I need to remember to be that way, both with those I am close to, as well as with strangers, when grace (for me) comes at a lower cost; and when I am foolish, the costs go through the roof.



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