Road Narrows: again

Well, faithful readers, I’ve meant every word I said; sometimes right, and often wrong, likely, but I am a hypocrite, and have fallen back and returned to my own vomit.

Please pray that I would rekindle my relationship with The Lord.

I am not keeping to the truths I espouse online, and while I seek to speak here of Christ’s triumphs in your behalf, and to encourage by own broken heart, I have come to realize (again), that I am the most fallible person you are going to meet.

Don’t get me wrong, the Gospel is the most real and true good thing in existence, but my adherence to its tenets is terrible.

I may try to keep encouraging you here, but don’t lose heart due to my failings, if you have found hope in the words I have set down here.  A lot of them were likely from God, and the scriptures are, for sure.

He is coming back, and His reward is with Him: punishment for those who refused His invitation in Mathew 11:28-30.  Why? When you don’t accept an invitation to a party, you can’t come, and when you do accept, you need to dress appropriately, and to bring a heart that is open to Him, when the limousine arrives.

I hope that you will accept Christ’s invitation, and that your lamps are full of oil and your wicks are trimmed when He comes.

God bless you,

The writer


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  1. To the Writer: God does not feel sad that you are willing to learn from your errors & feel remorse when you make them. He is happy that you do your best & reach for the perfection of His love.

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