Beyond – Chapter 9: At Lennox Hill Hospital

At the ER at Lennox Hill Hospital…

“No, LEE YAM, you know, like Liam Neeson,” Liam winced at the pain in his chest.
“Oh, the actor?” Harry guessed.
“You’re supposed to be Irish, Shaughn’, didn’t you know that name?!” Ernie grinned.
“Okay, ya got me. So what exactly did you see again, Liam?”
“I just saw his face for a second. Deep, sunken eyes, long brown hair, and very tall.”
“No mask?”
“He was just pulling it on when he saw me.”
A nurse walked in. “You have to give him a break now, Lieutenant, Sergeant.”
“Alright. We’ll come back later.” Harry said. “Get some rest, Liam.”

Outside of the room, Ernie questioned the nurse, “Nurse..Hanna?”, as he peered at her name tag.
“Yes?” She said.
“How is he?”
“He’ll be fine, the exit wound was clean and no organs were damaged.” You detectives are free to come back and visit later. He will be in a room shortly.”
“How about Mr. Jones?” Harry inquired.
“That’s who he’ll be rooming with. Right this way.” Hannah replied.

​She led them to an elevator where they traveled to the third floor. Walking down a well lit hallway, they arrived at a sterile room, painted white, with two beds.

​Tyler lay with his left leg slightly elevated. He’d been grazed accidentally by a ricochet as the robbers had fired a warning shot at the steel door to the vault-room. Apparently, the bullet skimmed across his calf as it zinged through the lobby on its way to the crevice it would create as it lodged in the marble wall beside Tyler.  Nurse Hannah told Ernie that with a little rest, Tyler would feel okay, but that he might have to walk with a cane for a bit; as some of the nerves in his leg had become oversensitive from the tangential strike of the slug.

​Tyler conveyed to them how three masked men had burst into the bank as he was depositing his tutoring earnings. “They must have come in quietly, but I heard other customers screaming when they saw the guns and masks. The screaming got so bad that one of the gunmen fired a single shot down toward a steel door. It must have bounced off the door and onto the marble floor…all I know is I heard a loud blast and felt a burning sting across my leg. Everything got deadly silent except for the sound of stacks of cash being stuffed into duffle bags.”

“What happened after that?” Harry asked.
“All of us were on the floor looking down, but I heard the gunmen running out, and then there was a muffled bang. I heard tires squeal, and there were a lot of people crying.”
“Do you recall what the gunmen looked like?” asked Harry.
“No, their masks covered their faces.”
“If you think of anything, please give us a call.” Said Hernandez, leaving his card on the table beside Tyler’s bed.
“Will do.” Replied Tyler.



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