A Few Good Men Planned Parenthood for Lincoln Six-Echo & Jordan Two-Delta?

Planned Parenthood wants to conceal the truth about the harvesting of baby body parts for money. It is like Col. Jessup in A Few Good Men (after he ordered the torture that ended in the death/murder of one of his men) telling the court they can’t handle the truth; he is actually trying to cover the sinful inner workings of his command. I realize that some have been violated and want to govern what is happening within them. I can bet they are hurting badly, and while I cannot begin to imagine their struggle, the life that is within them is not theirs.  I do not judge them for their actions (who could or should?!), but want to prevent more of the same; and I know many women who will agree with me. 

If you are a woman (or man) who has been impacted negatively by abortion, please comment or share.  I know of at least two women whose lives were devastated by abortion; more who had them whom I suspect (without rancor!) are devastated.

The Island, with Ewan McGregor & Scarlett Johansson, tells of a place whose residents are unaware THEY themselves are clones of “original” people, who were created for the sole purpose of being killed and harvested for organs when their owners’ bodies wear out.

The Island was released 10 years ago. Planned Parenthood is now defending this practice, saying they are saving lives. Are we really going to kill our babies so we can live longer? Live as what?

Please urge your Senator or Congressperson to vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Maybe we can begin to dismantle some of the bureaucracy that is crumbling the foundations of our ailing nation and world.

Here are a couple of petitions to sign if wanted:



and a resouce:


In any case, The Lord is coming soon, and we need to not lose heart in the interim; here are a couple of helpful links in that regard:



If you or a woman you know has struggles in this area, please reach out to the church or to your friend in need.  People struggling with abortion need a world of help; and don’t we all?

the island (mcgregor-Johannson


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